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Get Your Girl Back: Reignite Your Passion for Life
With Traci Bild

Was there ever a time you felt invincible? Do you long to have that feeling again? In this session, Traci will share six crucial truths and dares for a total life transformation.

Empowered to Write: How to Break Through Blocks and Get in your Creative Zone
With Lisa Tener

Are you writing a book, but getting stuck? In this seminar you will learn what’s in your way and how to break through to freedom and get that book written — or complete any creative project with greater ease and fun.

Love Your Job, or Die Trying
Jon Kjaer Nielsen

What makes us happy at work? Learn Simple and powerful tools to willfully create your best possible work-life, and why you should love your job as if your life depended on it.

3 Tips for Building a Juicy (and Genius!) Business Partnership
With Juicy Geniuses, Leanne Kallal & Alexandra Cattoni

We believe that each person has a genius that lives within them. When you learn how to identify and own your strengths and partner with people who have complementary skills, you’ll experience exponential impact and success.

Familytopia is not a Myth: How One ex-Corporate Mom is Helping Others Redefine "The Perfect Family”
Johanna Corcoran

Achieving the dream of a happy family is not unattainable. Identify your roadblocks and get clear on what sort of family life you truly desire, so you can be on your way toward creating a well-balanced, fulfilling family life!

Awakening Life! Release energy draining expectations and Live Your Best Life NOW!
With Patrina Wisdom

Imagine that right NOW – in this very moment – you can set free the confidence and the courage to live your best life! Learn how to allow your own purpose, passion and true desires to be in control as you experience more of what you want in life, relationships and success.

Letting Go: Heal Your Past & Open Your Heart
With Shann Vander Leek

To be fully present and shine our light, we must explore our darkness. Learn how to get to the root of what is weighing you down so you can let go of what no longer serves you and begin to heal your precious heart.

3 Must-Take Daily Actions to Activate Business Miracles As A Highly Sensitive Self-employed Coach or Entrepreneur™
With Heather Dominick

Are you are a Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur™? Learn the 3 Must-Take Daily Actions to Activate Business Miracles As A Highly Sensitive Self-employed Coach or Entrepreneur™.

Move, Nourish and Be Your Most Epic Self
With Amber Zuckswert

What is holding you back from creating your most epic self and lifestyle? Learn how to kick start lifelong healthy habits while sculpting the lifestyle of your dreams with lifestyle design expert Amber Zuckswert.

Sacred hustle – A crash course in crossing the gap between big ideas & kickass realities
With Vasavi Kumar

Just about everyone at some point bumps up against struggles in life rooted in past pain. Learn how to follow your purpose, find your meaning, and free yourself from your past so you can take charge of your future.

Discovering Your Passion and Harnessing Fear to Fuel Your Success
With Elysia Johnson

Discover your destiny and the exclusive gifts you have to share with the world. Learn how to uncover your passion and to courageously pursue it in order to live a life full of purpose and fulfillment.

Thriving in Romance - The Ultimate Journey Through Fear to Radical Self Love
With Kelsey Grant

We all want love, we all want acceptance and for the most part we yearn to share our lives with someone who we deem to be our life partners. The key to incredible partnerships begins with you.

The Busy Woman’s Guide to a DREAM Wardrobe
With Ginger Burr

Procrastination… overwhelm… not enough hours in the day… it's no wonder most women dislike shopping and, as a result, their wardrobe. Creating a personal style can be fun and inspiring, but not when you feel frazzled to begin with. With a dose of new awareness, a few tweaks, and a handful of practical tips, you can bring a sense of freshness and delight to your experience of getting dressed every day.

What Are You Waiting For? Light Your Life On Fire by Living Your Legacy
With Kristen Moeller

Does this sound like you? You know you are here for something big but can’t quite figure out what it is. You wake up at night wondering if you will ever know. Somewhere along the way you lost your sense of aliveness. Discover how discovering and living your legacy will re-light that spark within and light your life on fire.

How to Reignite the Passion For More Than Just One Night!
With Stacey Martino

So many people today are stuck in the passion-less relationship epidemic that’s going on. Whether your relationship is hanging by a thread and you’re not even sure you can stay in your relationship… or you’ve lost the passion and excitement and are more like friends than lovers… you won’t want to miss this life changing interview!

Living The Goddess Lifestyle
With Lisa Marie Rosati

Stepping into one's personal power is essential to life success. Discover what food and lifestyle choices directly affect your ability to live life like a Goddess! If you're tired all the time and lack the oomph to get your life going in the direction of your dreams, you want to listen in on this magical call!

How Fear Can Be Your Best Business Building Tool
With Joanna Lindenbaum

Many soulful people chose to start their own business to achieve freedom when it comes to time, creativity and income. Yet that journey often takes a turn towards fear, confusion and feeling stuck. Learn how to get un-stuck, find your business mojo, and craft a results-oriented plan to take your business & happiness factor to the next level.

How to Release The GENie-In-US (GENIUS)
With Felix ‘Chief’ Chivandire

Every human being has hidden within them some unique treasure. Sadly, most never discover it and live their lives without ever activating the best they have to offer. We can live calm, bland/mediocre lives without ever tapping into our genius, but to live the life we dream, we are going to have to discover, nurture and release the ‘GENie-In-US’ (GENIUS).

Boundaries: Free Yourself From People-Pleasing By Learning How to Set Boundaries - And Keep Them
With Nancy Levin

It’s time to start living in alignment with your truth, your heart and your desires instead of in response or reaction to everyone else. By setting — and keeping — boundaries, you will release the past and feel more energetic and resourced than ever before to take action and make any changes in any area of your life.

Discover Your Purpose and Deliver Your BIG Dreams
With Stacey Curnow

If you want to feel like anything is possible and then do it, then you need to find your purpose. Stacey will show you how to tap into your deepest desires, claim your true value and identify your soul’s work. You’ll be inspired to do your soul’s work and live your best life!

The Third Age
With Robin Korth

Third age living is about coming awake to the power and wonder of our own existences. It is about stepping outside the circle of the known and taking ourselves on the journey of life at a level of soulful inquiry, active seeking, joy and self-creation. Living in the Third Age is to stand at the center of power in our lives in laughter, humility, self-honoring love.

Find Your Happy – How to Make Happiness a Habit
With Shannon Kaiser

Being stuck and feeling as if you are trapped is inevitable part of life. Whether you are stuck in a job going nowhere, a bad relationship, or self-defeating patterns, best selling author and international life coach Shannon Kaiser shares solutions to greater freedom. Shannon will show you how to choose happiness as a way of life.

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